Human Resources- It’s not a thing we do, It’s a thing which runs our business.

Human Resource Management – An approach to effectively hire , train, manage, develop and retain quality individuals for the effective functioning of any business.

There are many aspects of HR ,starting from recruitment to employee welfare and finally to employee exit .Each aspect is equally important in it’s own way and everything is co-related in HR. You hire people, you train them, you take care of them and in the later stage, you help them move on by completing exit formalities. A truly qualified HR needs to be the best in each and every aspect of Human Resource Management.

Now the question arises- How do we become a truly qualified HR? The educational qualifications required to be in the HR industry are generally an MBA in HR and Industrial relations , Masters in Personnel Management or PGDM( Post Graduate Diploma in Management) in HR . You can complete your graduation in any field and then choose to pursue your Masters in Human Resources.

So , this was all about the degrees that we require on paper but what about the additional qualities that we need to become an exceptional HR ? Well, in my 1 year of experience, I have felt that the first and foremost quality a successful HR should have is Empathy. You should be able to empathize on every situation and connect with people better. An HR should understand the needs of the Organization as well as the employees ;he should be able to come to a mutual point where it is beneficial to both the parties. Good negotiating skills and communication skills are a must.

HR is going to have a transformational change in the coming years and with the advent of automation, the HR industry will never be the same as it was . All the traditional theories might be redefined and new ones may come up.Along with the functioning, the whole dimensions of this department are going to be changed. However, one thing will always remain constant and that is the contribution of HR in creating quality leaders that drive a business. Automation can never take over the humane touch HR brings with it.

The Hr Chronicles is a very passionate project of mine – the main motto behind this is to document my valuable learning experiences for people looking for a career in this Industry. I want to provide actual case studies from on the job scenarios to students and working professionals so that they can relate theory with the practical situations. My Objectives include putting up videos discussing important HR related issues,organizing discussion forums on important topics , answering curious questions regarding the on going changes in HR as well as providing easy to comprehend study materials to students.

I sincerely hope this blog will serve the purpose it was created for and I will be a proud HR Blogger someday!

P.S : Click on the “Blog Posts” tab to read my published articles. You can find self development tips and notes in the “Self Development” and collection of my thoughts on the “Musings” section.Will come up soon with the “Study materials” section.Lastly, Use the “Contact” option to drop me words of motivation. Honestly, any kind of feedback is heartily welcome.

Great Vision without great people is irrelevant!

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